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This Vietnamese-style fish makes for a sweet weeknight dinner option

Make no mistake: This recipe barely approaches the complex flavors and even color in the classic, savory caramel sauce that shines up Vietnamese street food — the bitterness of burnt sugar, the salty-smooth punch of soy and fish sauces, the aromatics of garlic and sometimes lemon grass.
But even the most basic nuoc mau, or sugar-water caramel, takes close attention and a while to prepare, and we’ve got just minutes to get it on the table. So here we are making a “light” version of the sauce that will enhance the natural sweetness of the fish, yet the overall taste is surprisingly piquant.
You can add green beans straight from the freezer, and they’ll become crisp-tender by the time the fish is done.

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Spicy, smoky, cheesy, melty burgers. On the inside.

Hidden inside these tame-looking burgers is a smoky and spicy blend of bacon, chipotle, cheese and something unexpected — pepperoni. Because the ground-beef part of these burgers is patted fairly thin, there’s less of a chance you’ll undercook it. For a little extra texture and flavor, crispy fried onions go into the beef.
They can be cooked in a grill pan on the stove top as well; grease the pan with cooking-oil spray and cook over medium heat.
A kitchen scale comes in quite handy for weighing the portions of meat.
These burgers taste great unadorned, but feel free to top them with accompaniments of your choice.

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