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A simple grilled cheese sandwich is good. Spicy chutney can make it great.

I like a simple grilled cheese sandwich as much as the next guy. The combination of crisp buttered bread with rich cheese is a nostalgic indulgence. Even better — a grilled cheese to which I’ve added extra crunch, tartness and spice.

My previous go-to in this regard is my Grilled Kimcheese, in which I layer spicy kimchi with sharp cheddar and sliced Asian pear — or, lately, green apple. And I love the simple combination in a classic grilled cheese with Major Grey’s mango chutney. The latter “toastie,” made with Indian chutney, is beloved in the United Kingdom, and chutney-cheese sandwiches are also a popular street food in Mumbai.

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Mistakes you’re making buying, ordering, and drinking tequila — and how to do it the Mexican way


July 24 is National Tequila Day.
However, tequila has a bad reputation.
While artisan gins and spiced rums are now hugely popular, the evolution of tequila outside Mexico has lagged behind in comparison.
But the premium tequila movement is gaining traction.
Business Insider spoke to Chris Hare, brand manager of premium tequila brand Cazcabel.
Hare shared his tips with Business Insider on how to enjoy it the Mexican way.

Tequila has a bad reputation. The spirit is too often shot on a sticky dance floor at the end of the night — and it’s rarely a refined affair.

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