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Flavor balance is just right in these healthful chocolate-orange crisps

Chocolate and orange often arrive together at a holiday party in the form of chocolate-dipped, candied orange peels. Although I am enamored with the flavor duo, I am almost always left wishing the treat were more about the citrus and less about the sugar, as the rind is typically boiled until sticky-sweet in a concentrated sugar syrup.

The accompanying recipe is my wish come true. It captures the pure essence of the chocolate-orange pairing with enough sugar to temper the citrus rind’s bitterness without drowning out its flavor.

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Tips for shipping homemade cookies for holiday gifting

Now that online shopping is an everyday occurrence, receiving a package in the mail has lost a lot of its novelty. Razor blades. Socks. Diapers. Yawn.

If your gift recipients are used to the generic packaging and contents from Giant Retailer XYZ, you can bring back the magic. All it takes is a box of homemade cookies.

Baking and packing cookies for shipping takes a little more thought and effort, all of which the receivers will appreciate once they tear open the box. A few tips:

Choose recipes that are fairly sturdy and neat. Cookbook author Nancy Baggett recommends cookies that are at least ΒΌ-inch thick, skipping any that are crumbly, brittle or tender.

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