Roka Akor merges steakhouse and sushi restaurant

On the ground floor of the 2929 Wesleyan apartment tower, the 200-seat, wood-wrapped restaurant has several distinct areas, including the Roka Bar, a sushi bar, robata grill and a private dining room decorated with giant jars of flavor-infused shochu, a Japanese distilled spirit.

[…] sashimi and nigiri sushi might involve fatty tuna, blue fin tuna, big eye tuna, sea urchin, red snapper, striped jack, amberjack, fluke or freshwater eel.

Hot and cold appetizers are almost too pretty to eat – the toro tartare, for example, is a disk of cubed fatty tuna festooned with flowers, crispy leaves of fried taro, and a dollop of ossetra caviar sitting atop a golden quail egg.

Cocktails include Roka signatures like the Gosotochiri (vodka, sake, elderflower liqueur, serrano chile, cucumber), plus Houston specialties such as the Backroom Deal (añejo tequila, Italian sweet vermouth, brandy liqueur, toasted tobacco leaf, vanilla bitters).

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