Love salmon? Try Salmontin, a new salmon-focused French restaurant in River Oaks

The redesign incorporates a sophisticated palette of gray and white, with tufted gray banquettes, black-and-white cafe chairs, white walls and bar top, and unfinished wood floors.

Salibi’s menu begins with appetizers such as salmon quiche; eggplant and feta quiche; calamari in a carbonara sauce; marinated octopus; jumbo shrimp with cocktail sauce; house-made salmon gravlax; and both salmon and whitefish tartare.

Entrees are all seafood, save a Prime filet mignon: grilled salmon tandoori; catch of the day “meuniere” (butter and lemon sauce); bouillabaisse with house-made rouille; fettuccine with salmon; fish and chips; pan-seared sea bass in a champagne cream sauce; and sautéed scallop with foie gras, endive and an orange sauce.

Local craft beer and cocktails are available, as are affordable wines – diners can find whites and reds starting at $28, and champagne from $38 a bottle.

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