Interior Painting Tips for Dallas-Fort Worth Homes

Nothing freshens up a house’s interior like a new paint job. A change in the color scheme can make a room feel like a totally different space, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make an impact. And regardless of your home’s architectural style, new paint can complement your home’s unique features. Below are three interior painting tips that are sure to make you fall in love with your rooms again.

Paint an Accent Wall

An accent wall is used to draw attention to a particular spot, and it provides energy to the room as a whole. Similar to a fireplace or large painting, an accent wall is meant to catch a visitor’s eye. In most cases, an accent wall is painted with a markedly different color than the walls surrounding it. For example, a room may feature neutral hues of linen on all walls, but the accent wall carries a vibrant hue such as burgundy or dark green.

You can also get creative with where you’d like to put your color accents. On her blog, Grapevine-based Ruthie Staalsen of DecRenew Interiors suggests artfully using an accent paint on the cabinets or island in your kitchen. The accent color on a bank of cabinets in the kitchen will draw the eye and make the whole room more dynamic and interesting.

Create a Textured Look

Textured walls are quite popular in homes throughout Dallas and Fort Worth because they help homeowners create unique interior spaces. Creating a textured look is normally achieved with rags, sponges, and specialty bristled brushes. This type of interior painting style adds an appearance of antiquity to a space, especially for homes decorated with “Old World” fixtures and furniture.

Some tools can mimic the appearance of suede, leather, and stucco. While many homeowners can do their own textured paint projects, professional painting companies throughout the area have experience in faux/textured finishes.

Use Painter’s Tape to Paint Multicolored Designs

Painter’s tape, available at hardware and home improvement stores, allows for the precise application of paint along edges and trim. Professional painters tape the edges of walls with painter’s tape to prevent color from bleeding onto crown molding and baseboards. To achieve multicolored walls, homeowners or professional painters place tape strategically throughout a room to block off sections of color. For example, tape can be used vertically and horizontally for different hues and colors. The result creates a bold stripe — or several bold stripes — to form a pattern on the wall.

Refreshing your home’s rooms doesn’t require a full remodel or furniture overhaul. With just a few strokes of a brush, the right colors, and these interior painting tips, your DFW home can feel new again.

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