Falafel: the worldwide street food

According to Palestinian-born Kharsa, her restaurant was the first to introduce falafel to San Francisco more than 40 years ago, when she and her husband bought the corner liquor/grocery store and began serving the spiced fried chickpea balls for free.

On a recent morning, Kharsa reached over an imposing meat grinder, feeding the raw, soaked chickpeas and aromatics through the tube.

[…] of background, all cooks agree that this is the best way to achieve a coarse yet tender texture, though several pulses in a food processor can yield somewhat similar results.

To ensure a fluffy interior, the remaining ingredients should be mixed by hand, and the oil – corn, peanut or canola, depending on whom you ask – should be hot enough that the falafel immediately floats to the surface when submerged.

2 bags (12 oz each) dried, peeled fava beans, |soaked in water overnight (see note)

Kosher salt and ground black pepper, to taste

White sesame seeds and/or coriander seeds, for dipping

In a food processor, mix the yellow and green onions, jalapeño peppers, garlic, cilantro, parsley, cumin, coriander and salt and pepper to taste.

In a large bowl, add the processed ingredients to the fava beans and toss so that all of the fava beans are coated.

Grind the coated fava beans in the food processor until semi-smooth, leaving some rough pieces.

Per serving: 138 calories, 7 g protein, 18 g carbohydrate, 6 g fat (1 g saturated), 0 mg cholesterol, 63 mg sodium, 6 g fiber.

Roughly chop cucumber and jalapeño, add to bowl, along with lemon juice.

Per 1/4 cup serving: 38 calories, 2 g protein, 3 g carbohydrate, 2 g fat (1 g saturated), 7 mg cholesterol, 27 mg sodium, 0 fiber.

In a meat grinder or food processor, grind the chickpeas, onion, garlic cloves and parsley together.

Add the jalapeño peppers, baking soda, flour and sesame seeds.

Serve in pita bread or lavash and garnish with tahini sauce, hummus, cucumber tomato salad, pickled turnip and hot sauce, if desired.

Per serving: 248 calories, 9 g protein, 29 g carbohydrate, 11 g fat (1 g saturated), 0 mg cholesterol, 114 mg sodium, 7 g fiber.Olive-Orange Relish with Thyme

While mixture is reducing, pulse olives in food processor until irregularly chopped, maintaining some larger pieces.

Per ¼ cup serving: 101 calories, 1 g protein, 7 g carbohydrate, 8 g fat (1 g saturated), 0 mg cholesterol, 463 mg sodium, 0 fiber.

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