Alternative Cooling Methods to Beat the Heat in Dallas

More and more Dallas/Fort Worth homeowners are looking to alternative cooling systems. The summer months are the time of year when area homeowners pay their highest energy costs by far. With temperatures often in triple digits in July, August, and September, and more days than ever in the 105- to 110-degree range, cooling units get a real workout.

Some homeowners are turning to alternative ways to cool their homes not only to save on their energy costs but also to preserve the environment. Some alternative methods can provide huge energy savings, but you’ll pay more in costs up front. With incentives from area energy companies, more and more homeowners are turning to alternative means to keep cool.

Geothermal: Powered by Mother Earth

Geo Thermal Energy, a Dallas-area company, builds and installs earth loops for area homes to provide geothermal heating and cooling. The geothermal method provides year-round power by tapping into the ground under your property.

The ground maintains a fairly constant temperature year round because it absorbs almost half of the sun’s heat that hits the surface of Earth. This heat stays relatively consistent year round. Geo Thermal, and other companies like it, builds an earth loop, a special kind of heat pump …read more

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