A Review of Historic Philadelphia Neighborhoods

Not everyone sees the historic Philadelphia that many of us have grown to love. And with over 100 distinct neighborhoods in the Philadelphia area, it is easy to see how many people would miss the historic gems located throughout this great city. Here is a list to help you get to know and love the most historic Philadelphia neighborhoods in the city of brotherly love.

Old City

Old City is one of Philadelphia’s most historic neighborhoods. It stretches from Chestnut to Vine and Front to 6th, giving it plenty of space to display the restored 18th-century homes alongside the modern restaurants and trendy art galleries. The addition of modern spaces to this historic Philadelphia neighborhood perfectly highlights the restoration projects that have rejuvenated Old City. The area features restored houses, historic places of worship, century-old burial grounds, and historic factory and warehouse spaces converted into residents, offices, and studios.

If you have a keen historic eye, you may even notice the historic buildings founded by William Penn and his Quakers. Be sure to take a stroll over to the nearby Liberty Bell or Philly’s historic Independence Hall, where Jefferson drafted the critical American legislation, the Declaration of Independence.

Society Hill

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