3 ways bruschetta can star at picnic

A mainstay at many Italian restaurants, it’s an appetizer comprising slices of grilled bread adorned with any number of toppings.

According to Italian cookbook author Marcella Hazan, bruschetta likely originated in ancient Rome.

Olive growers who brought their produce there to be pressed would sample the flavor of the fresh-squeezed oil on toasted slices of bread.

Each topping yields roughly two cups, which should be ample to top four large slices of grilled bread.

[…] bruschetta is nothing if not basic, meaning that just about any filling you’d ordinarily put between two slices of bread will also work as a topping for bruschetta: egg salad, tuna salad, runny cheese, hummus, grilled vegetables, you name it.

Extra-virgin olive oil for brushing the bread

Remove the bread from the pan and, while it’s still hot, rub one side of each slice with a cut clove of garlic, then sprinkle it very lightly with salt.

¼ cup sour cream or Greek yogurt

1⁄3 cup minced red onion

In a medium bowl, mash beans using a potato masher, leaving about half in large pieces and the rest mashed.

Add onion, fennel, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, oregano, hot pepper flakes and salt to taste and stir well.

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