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Rice Village gets Nao Ramen House

The new look is spare and modern with a dining room decorated by a wall of forest moss.

There are about 60 seats in the dining room, 30 at the bar and 50 on the patio.

Chef Rob Frias has fashioned a well-edited menu of small plates (dumplings, chicken wings), yakitori, bao and rice bowls.

Instead of one or two standard broths, Frias is offering four, including shoyu beef, pork tonkotsu, chicken and miso – the broths take 22-24 hours to make.

“There’s still some whimsy that shows up in our kitchen,” Frias says about his red curry ramen, which he describes as taking a slightly Thai direction with lemongrass and ginger notes as well as a Cajun and Tex-Mex twang.

Via:: Food